Long and short  Lets of Apartments and Houses in Gozo, Malta’s sister island in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Being the oldest established Real Estate Agency on Gozo, we have the largest selection to choose from. Shorts lets would be a duration  from two days to less than one year. Rates will be according to location, standard,  number of persons and duration.

Normally a short let will include in the price, water, electricity, gas and a weekly change of linen and towels.

A long let will be from one year or more. Rates will be according to location, standard and  number of persons using the property.

The price will NOT include water, electricity, gas and a weekly change of linen and towels as the short lets do, this is normally paid by the tenant in long lets lease. The price will be rated on a monthly rate, but the price usually takes into consideration that the lease is foe one year or more.

Why rent a property on a long let basis?  Here are some benefits:

* You have no hard-earned capital tied up.
* Ideal for retired or semi retired people.
* It is a good alternative to purchasing a property, to ensure that you have the ideal locality that suits you best.
* No commitments for more than one year with the option to renew.
* Good Health Care.
* Low cost of living.
* Mild weather all year round.
* Friendly locals always willing to help.
* At present no Property taxes.
* Gozo - the stepping stone to Europe
* Rich in History and  culture and clear seas
* The list is endless!

Costs involved: Prices are based on a monthly rate.

Starting from Euro 200.00 per month upwards to get something decent.  As mentioned prices will depend on location and standard.

If you are negotiating through an agent, there is a small fee payable once equal to one month’s rent plus VAT, paid half by the owner and half by the tenant

Payment depending on negotiations at contract stage. Term payment can be monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually in advance. This depends on the owner what he or she wants.

For foreigners, a long let license is required by law equal to one month’s rent payable to the Malta Tourism Authority. This can be paid by the owner, tenant, or half and half. Who pays this is usually agreed upon at contract stage.

Water and Electricity is metered and based on consumption. An indication of rate prices for 4 persons would be Euro 200.00 for 4 months.

Gas is bottled and distributed by a delivery truck to your door step; Gas is used for Cookers and heaters. A full Gas bottle costs an average Euro 16.00 which usually lasts for quite a few weeks, again depending on your consumption.

Telephone lines are readily available usually within a 5 -7 working days waiting period for installation. Calls are metered.

Internet Service providers either wireless or by cable are also readily available.

Cable TV is readily available with a waiting period of 48 hours for new services.

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