Pronounced  ( shlendi ) - Xlendi is situated on the south east of Gozo and just 3 km south of the capital Victoria. Xlendi is a picturesque bay that will give you hours of enjoyment. In Xlendi bay you will find fine Bars and Restaurants, two mini food markets, Bank ATM machines, Scuba Diving shops, Souvenir shops, and a regular bus service to Victoria. With endless foot path near the Xlendi Tower.


  • Xlendi bay is a small fishing port.
  • Best picturesque bay on Gozo.
  • See the sun set in the evening.
  • Small pebble beach.
  • Large smooth rock coastline area for swimming.
  • 5 Minute walk from our Guest House & Apartments to the sea.
  • One bus stop situated in the central Xlendi bay parking area close t our accommodations.
  • Regular Bus service direct to Victoria Bus Terminal.
  • Numerous Restaurant, Bars, ATM machines and much more.
  • Three Good Scuba Dive shops just a few minutes walk away.
  • Numerous walking passages along the coast in the in the rural farm area.
  • Peaceful and Tranquil.